Service Access 

 Building Better Government Workshop: Accessibility defined by  residents 

A central part of our work is understanding what accessibility means to residents who access or attempt to access services at the city. At the workshop we met residents and talked about:

  • Our project including goals, processes, and next steps 

  • Ran an exercise with residents to identify barriers around different factors such as transportation, financial, physical, digital, content, etc.

  • Discussed what a service journey is, how we are using it as a framework, and then mapped barriers to the different stages of the journey

 Civic Futures Summit - City Employees Examine Service for    Accessibility 

What does it mean to be accessible? How do we ensure that the design and delivery of our services matches with the experience and reality of residents. Join members of Austin's Service Design Lab and Policy Lab for a discussion about the different dimensions of accessibility and how they impact residents’ experiences when entering into and receiving services. We’ll share tools and practices for identifying barriers in services and guidance on how to make services more accessible, impactful, and meaningful for residents through co-design.

 Co-synthesis with Residents and City Employees 

Synthesis is a collaborative sense-making process, which helps to summarize large amounts of data into patterns, outliers, and ultimately insights. We invited residents and city staff to come in, review all of the comments that we had collected from past events and help discover patterns and themes within data. This work sparked several new comments about access

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