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 Service Access 

 Building Better Government Workshop

A central part of our work is understanding what accessibility means to residents who access or attempt to access services at the city. At the workshop we met residents and talked about:

  • The project included creating accessibility goals and identifying processes to build them into services 

  • Running exercises with residents to identify barrie such as transportation, financial, physical, digital, content, etc.

  • Co-creating frameworks like service journey, and explaining human center design processes, and mapping barriers to the different stages of the journey

The workshop and online survey were followed by synthesis, which was a collaborative sense-making process with residents and city employees to summarize the large amount of data our team collected. Data was grouped into patterns, outliers, and ultimately insights.

 Civic Futures Summit - City Employees Examine Services 

After testing out the service journey framework, I presented at the Civic Futures Summit. Government employees tested out the service journeys of every day government services to understand where potential access barriers existed. Participants used stickers to represent potential barriers related to sight, hearing, financial access, etc. Then government employees practiced a stakeholder mapping exercise and discussed how to do outreach to people with lived experience.

Other Presentations

Presentation to the Equity Action Team 

Digitizing Services at the City of Austin: Creating Holistic Access for Residents

Presentation to the Mayor's Committee for People with Disabilities

Presentation to the Community Technology and Telecommunications Commission

Service Access Project Website

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